Our accommodation consists of 13 flats in the William Browne's Hospital set around a beautiful Cloister garden. The flats are on two levels: six on the ground floor and seven on the first floor. The accommodation is accessed from the front of the building by a number of steps and from the rear by at least one step at each entrance door. There are three doors to access the flats. The flats are not particularly disabled friendly and as a Grade ll* Listed Building there are restrictions on what modification is permissible.

The flats are self-contained consisting of a lounge, kitchen, one bedroom and bathroom with a shower. Although the Residents have their own washing machine in their flats there is access to two dryers in the 'laundry room' which are shared by all Residents. The flats are unfurnished and residents are responsible for insuring their personal contents.

Residents occupy their flats as beneficiaries of the Charity Trust. They are not tenants; each resident pays a weekly Maintenance Cost. This cost is currently between £69 and £71 per week and includes a charge for heating and water. Residents are responsible for paying their own electricity bills and Council Tax. Housing benefit can be applied based on the Maintenance Charge only and not on the proportion paid for heating and water.

Residents are required to live independently or with the help of carers. There is no Warden but alarm systems are installed should an emergency occur.

There is no community room.

The Confrater holds a weekly service in the Chapel which residents are under no compulsion to attend.

There is no car parking and no pets are allowed.

Applying for inclusion on the waiting list

The criteria for applying are quite broad. Residents should have a need, whether that be financial constraints, loneliness etc., Should a vacancy occur each applicant will be considered on their needs at that time and invited for interview.

An initial application form can be applied for by clicking the link below.

Download application for housing